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    For the Normal Distribution, why < and <= is the same thing?

    For the Normal Distribution, why is the case that "<" (less than) is the same thing as "<=" (less than or equal to), computationally? That is, why can we summarily disregard the "equality" portion?
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    not sure how to interpret variance question

    This is a question I have to do through R - Consider two of the indicators for neurological functioning - the finger wrist tapping (FWT_r, FWT_l) and the plate tapping (X2Plat_r, X2Plat_l), by both left and right hands. For which of these sets of variables would you be inclined to use...
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    AMOS - Ta-equivalent - constrain parameters to be equal and to unity

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a tau-equivalent measurement model in AMOS. Thus, I need to set each regression weight to 1 and give them the same parameter name so that they will be equal to one another. The AMOS user guide told me to label each parameter with a name, followed by a colon...