estimating precision

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    Aggregate precision of a measurement instrument based on a sample of measurements whose true errors are known

    I want to estimate the accuracy and precision of aggregate data from an instrument that measures a variable that fluctuates over time by comparing a sample of its measurements to concurrent measurements made by a reference instrument. For this purpose, assume that the reference instrument...
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    Target Accuracy and Precision

    I’m a novice when it comes to applying statistics to practical applications. Sorry if this has been covered in another post somewhere. I compete in competitions where accuracy and precision is compared between two competitors. My question is... How many shots at a target are required to...
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    Household surveys: Estimating precision for indices built at individuals level

    I am using survey data that contains information of households and of individuals (household members). The sample size was determined at household level, and the sample was selected using a stratified cluster design. I have created a simple additive scale using several dummy variables, some...