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    Help with unbiased estimators

    I'm working on a homework problem and the question I'm stuck on is as follows: "Give an unbiased estimator for 2µ+3σ^2" I'm not sure how I would go about doing that since the mean and the variance make up the function.
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    Calculating the bias of variance estimator

    Dear all, I have been given two variance (S^2) estimators, S1 and S2. I am not including the square (^2) as it may cause confusion. And I am to determine the bias of these estimators. Now, given that estimator S1 has the same equation as sample variance, it should therefore be classed as...
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    Application of Empirical Bayes Method in Supply Risk

    Hello everyone, I am interested in creating a tool in Excel which would find estimates of the rate of occurrences of non conforming items received from suppliers. Based on the literature, the best way of approaching this problem is through Empirical Bayes method, and in particular through the...
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    Comparing two estimators.

    Q: Suppose we take a random sample of size n from a N (0,1) populations. Consider two estimators of simga squared. Two estimators equations and tables can be seen here: Compare of s^2 and SM^2 for their bias, variances and MSE. I don't really know how to approach...