exact test

  1. fed2

    barnards exact test 2xk

    what is the extension of barnards exact test for 2x2 to 2xk table (ie more than two treatment arms)? In other words: Is there name for unconditional version of fisher exact-test for 2xk? Or does that not make sense.... thanks!
  2. D

    large cell counts - Fisher's Exact vs. chi2

    Hi everyone, I read a while back that chi2 was most accurate for observed cell counts of only between 5-70, but now I can't find that reference. I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have samples of 450-650 and have used Fisher's Exact as a result of having observed...
  3. 1

    Which Non-parametric Significance Test Should I Use?

    Hi, I've been working on a little project. Last year I delivered pizzas. I recorded data for 300 of my deliveries like tip amounts, order totals, and delivery times. I have a few hypotheses I would like to test. For example, after examining the data I've noticed that the average tip from...
  4. B

    Comparing proportions

    Hello, I need some help knowing what stats to run for my data analysis. I have samples of muscle collected during different seasons and I am analyzing the different types of a specific protein present in the muscle. I want to compare across the different seasons to see if there is a...
  5. S

    Fisher's exact test

    I have always learned that if you have a contingency table that violates the chi square assumption of more than 20% of cells having expected count less than 5, the chisq. test is invalid. If that happens use the fisher exact test. SAS is the only program that I have found to support the test...
  6. W

    Help!I think I might need Fisher's exact test for R x C?

    Hello Im an absolute beginner to stats being a social science student who is trying to figure it all out. I think I might need fisher's exact test. What have I done is to ask a group to rate how the feel about one online group compared to another that they have both used using a lirket...