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    Would this be a good exam question?

    For statistical modelling and datamining, we have an assignment where we have to create a good exam question. I managed to come up with this. Would you consider it a good exam question or do you think it misses the point? ++ 1 What measure for classification and diagnostic testing should be...
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    What tests to unleash on the data?

    Hey everyone! So here's some background: I'm doing a course on data-analysis [SPSS] and my teacher likes the idea of us finding our own solutions, so we don't get much help from him (We're allowed, and cheered on to find help on the internet). So that brings me here! I'm not too good at this...
  3. D

    Manufacturing machine probability problem

    There are three possible environment conditions: normal, rainy and hot. Rainy and hot days may be risky to a system that has been deployed, but normal days are safe. It is expected that half of the days will have normal weather, one quarter will be rainy and one quarter will be very hot...
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    Can you help me decide if there is statistical significance here?

    Hi, I've attached a word file - it contains exam results. There were two sessions - one AM and one PM. . I am trying to work out if there is a statistical significance between the achievement of the AM and PM groups and whether moderation should have occurred here? Can anyone help? I have...
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    help with exam

    Hey, i have an exam in 2 days about statistics for genome analysis and I'm having some troubles with some questions from an example exam. All help would be very welcome! These are the questions: 1. The single step maxT procedure as explained in the course notes is a nonparametric exact...
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    Statistics exam in 3 weeks!

    Hey guys, I have my basic business statistics exam in 3 weeks. It's my second try. I'm currently looking pretty ****ty for it, i'm stressed as hell. What I have to work with is: *21 days * Basic statistics book * My math lab global. *lecture slides *A ****load of fear mixed with fear...
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    P/1 Actuarial exam practice

    If anybody here is preparing for the p/1 actuarial exam then you may be interested in some practice exams I have prepared. The newest version can be found here 10 question practice exam. Some older exams are here Older stuff.