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    Numeric data become String data when transferred from excel to spss?!

    So I had some data from excel and I wanted to import it into SPSS to carry out T test. it looks like this on excel. perfectly fine percentage data however when it was imported to spss...it looks like this it became string data and i dont know what happened. all the percentages are gone...
  2. P

    basic 3 year's observations forecasting - need for tips and feedback

    Hello everybody, I need advice about simple forecasting strategies and wondered if anyone here could kindly give me feedback. In each of the four charts shown below we have three results (2011 to 2013) of the number of farmers (above) and school teachers (below) that have enrolled and...
  3. M

    R graphs and capabilities

    Hello everyone, I am a MATLAB-user (in my previous work & education) but my company has R installed (and I don’t think there is the will to get an expensive MATLAB license). I am vaguely familiar with R as I used it for a statistics class 8 years ago, but I haven’t touched it since then...
  4. A

    Please help

    Dear forum guys! I've got a issue with a simple regression in excel (or maybe it's a Z-test problem, that is what I was told). There is a time series data and I have to find out is the fluctuation at certain date is statistically significant. I am not advanced in stats so is there anyone...
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    Normalizing a Skewed Distribution; using Excel and Carlberg book

    From the book Statistical Analysis, Microsoft Excel 2010 by Conrad Carlberg, page 23: In general, you can use Excel's SQRT() and LOG() functions to normalize a negatively skewed distribution, and an exponentiation operator, for example,, =A2<sup>2 to square the value in A2, to help normalize...
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    Funnel Plot - not based on rate, %, expected v actual count.

    Hi, I have been tasked with producing some funnel plots that are somewhat different to the ones i am used to producing. Normally i would be plotting something along the lines of: X-axis: Number of discharges Y-axis: rate of re-admissions. However, this time i have been asked to produce...
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    Value at Risk: Model Validation

    I am new to the forum so I hope I am posting in the correct place. PROBLEM: As I am exposed to upper risk in one particular marketed security, I want to set 90 % upper confidence levels for 15 and 30 days going forward. The problem advances as I am tracking the 30 day moving average of this...
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    How to determine significant diff or not btwn slope and intercept of two datasets?

    Hi, this is for some research I'm doing in a lab, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to determine if the two regression lines' slopes and intercepts are significantly different or not (I'm hoping they aren't!). From looking at the graph below, it seems obvious that they should not be...
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    Can I use Excel VBA program for AMOS?

    Hey everyone! Because I need to process data before and after AMOS model running, I wanna know can I just use Excel VBA program for AMOS? If so, how can I do it? My Software Versions: 1、XP Professional SP3; 2、AMOS 22 3、Excel 2010/2007
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    Create bell curve with a discrete variable

    Hello everyone, I like stats but I must warn you that I am far from an expert so please forgive me if my question is a bit basic :). My issue is the following: I ran a simple randomized experiment on a population of 151,173 users. The users were exposed to a display banner on the internet...
  11. K

    Exporting results of the -table- command to Excel?

    Hi, is there any easy way to automate exporting a table command (with the content() option) to excel? I know about the various 'mouse' methods of "Copy Table", "Copy Table as HTML", with the "Table Copy Options", but I'm looking for the table equivalent as outreg2 is for regress. tabout...
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    Export Excel

    I am exporting my Stata dataset into excel and I am having trouble with one variable; the values transfer to excel weirdly. In stata the value is: 9.00e+10 or 90000201302 but in excel appears as 9E+10 o 90000203776. In stata the variabls is float. I just want the regular number in excel which...
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    Multiple Regression with Discrete and Continuous data in Excel

    Hi, I've got lots of rows of data in Excel (around 3,500), and multiple variables. 1 of my variables is continuous (company revenues) 1 of my variables is a Yes or No 3 of my variables have a few (3-5) discrete options The output is money (continuous). I'm trying to use Excel to find...
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    can you do a chi sq w/ 2 different n sizes?

    can you do a chi sq w/ 2 different n sizes? I have an experiment with 2 groups (pre medicine and post medicine). Group 1: 400 subjects Group 2: 332. When Put the data in (via 1 and 0s) into my SPSS I keep getting really weird answers. How can I accommodate for the 68 subject difference...
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    Rexcel error

    I have an issue in RExcel, whenever there is an R code error in my sheet it leads to breakage of my VBA codes in my Rexcel, and my process comes to a standstill. Is there any solution to bypass the R code error and run the VBA codes?
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    Regression analysis: selecting TREND or FORECAST formula

    Hello, I am doing a regression analysis on average price increases from a PPI table, and my goal is to project a 2013 value using the average yearly value from 1985 - 2012. Excel gives me two formulas to do this -- TREND and FORECAST -- and both formulas appear to perform a regression...
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    [Optimization – Solver] Good model fit, but wrong standard deviation coefficients

    Dear reader, I am facing an optimization problem and, at this point, I need help from someone with more knowledge than me. My goal: For a non-linear regression method, I use the solver add-in function of Microsoft Excel to obtain the equation parameters by minimizing the sum of the squares...
  18. R

    Importing from Excel: SAS Newbie

    I have an Excel table. In SAS 9.2, I can use File > Import Data to bring that table into the SAS Explorer pane: contents of Work now includes that file. If I double-click on it, I get a VIEWTABLE pane showing the data. I am under the impression that it exists as a temporary file that I...
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    Regression calculation in Excel

    Hello all, I am new to Excel and have a question. I have a data set comprised of two groups or participants. For each participant I have 72 data points (iteration) that measure reaction time (RT). I plotted the data points on a graph and was able to insert a linear regression line and get...
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    Excel and StatPlus to do Multiple Regression

    Hi all--I would be grateful for any help with this! I am doing my statistics research project on whether or not there is a correlation b/w where consumers do their grocery shopping and how sustainable they are. I did a quick, 6 question survey to 10 shoppers at 3 grocery stores (for a total...