experimental design

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    Experimental Design help

    Been running around in circles with this for a while. I am trying to figure what sort of design I have and how to go about analyzing it. Any help would be great. Details are below. Sample Date, 3 levels, fixed Field, 2 levels, assumed to be random from a larger population. For each sample...
  2. M

    Statistical test and power

    Thank you for your help! I am having trouble understanding what statistical test I can use, in order to figure out a power analysis. I want to prove that an animal is capable of vocally matching a stimulus. So I have a pre-recording of the animals call, a artifical call played to the animal...
  3. S

    Growth Curve But Not Repeated Measures Analysis

    I woke up this morning realizing that repeated measures was incorrect but my revelation did not go as far as to what was. Here is my experiment: I had 7 groups of 3 varieties of seedlings (experiment repeated twice). After approximently a month I would take data on one group of seedlings...
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    Experiemntal design query

    Hello. I have a pre-emptive biological statistics question, I wonder if you could help? I release 100 individuals into a room with a baited trap. Not all individuals are equally likely to to captured by the trap as they are not equally starved beforehand (and can't be, practically)...
  5. Loks

    Suggestions for a statistical approach

    Hullo everybody, My apologies for adding another thread of distress to the thousand already present, I wouldn't have bothered you if I had time, that and sleep hours. I thank you in advance just for reading :wave: This research design is apparently very simple, needed in different counties...
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    Experimental Design Problem for Engineering

    Dear TalkStats Forum, I have an experimental design problem for which I could use some guidance. I have a product where we are trying to determine the optimal values for 5 different variables, and which variables are significant in affecting the user's satisfaction. Unfortunately, I...
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    Partially Balanced Designs & Mixed Model ANOVA's

    Nevermind. Found the answer I needed. Mods can delete this thread.
  8. B

    What is the best way to scale input-output data for regression?

    I took a look around the forum, but couldn't find any examples for preparing data to multivariate regression... What do you think is the best way to scale? Should it be applied to each input and output variable or just the output? Thanks in advance.
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    Is the following testable? I think so and have chosen Friedmans test, is it correct?

    Hello TS people, Thanks for talking a look at my question/problem, I am new, you can check out my introduction topic on the appropriate forum. I am planning a set of experiments and would like to be able to present them to my Prof. with a sound set of workable statistics. Predator...