factor analysis

  1. J

    factor analysis interpretation

    Hi, I am currently working on an aptitude test. The test consists of three parts, one general and two specific (let's call them A and B). The general part consists of four subscales, the specific parts of two each. There are two test versions, always the general part and then one of the two...
  2. R

    SPSS for Customer Satisfaction

    I have data collected with 5 Likert Scale Questionnaire to establish factors influencing customer satisfaction using online banking. The factors included Credibility, Efficiency, Ease of Use, Security, Problem Handling and Product/Service Portfolio. A total of 6 independent variables. In this...
  3. E

    Factor Analysis Error

    Hi All, I am trying to run a factor analysis for a pilot study for a client. I can do PCA without any issues but receive the following error message in the correlation matrix "This matrix is not a positive definite." Unsure why it is doing this here but not in the PCA. I think it might be due to...
  4. C

    Factor loadings > 1 in CFA with lavaan

    Hi folks, What are potential causes for factor loadings > 1 in CFA with lavaan? I'm using standardized loadings (std.lv). Is this generally concerning? Thanks
  5. U

    Confirmatory or explorative factor analysis?

    Hi I did a statistics exam and recieved a pretty bad grade corresponding to an E (I'm a political science student, and I've done many quantitative papers so I wouldn't think I'm completely lost usually). The exam was to conduct a factor analysis to find out whether Schwartz's Human values...
  6. S

    Dissertation Analysis Confusion

    Hello all and thanks for any future responses. I am doing a study looking at whether three independent categorical/dichotomous variables (gender, Greek status, and class status (i.e. freshman vs senior)) influence a person's disordered eating behaviors and attitudes among college students...
  7. Reductionist

    pre-publication testing of one-click auto-analysis tool

    Hi all, I’m a psychometrician at Penn (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=TlO7ZTsAAAAJ&hl=en) and wanted to get your feedback (as students, faculty, or private sector folks) on a new tool I’m developing for one-click automatic data analysis: https://mooremetrics.com/deedive All you have...
  8. A

    Can you use factor analysis on a table has count data?

    I am working on a project where my predecesor has been analyzing a table of rows by columns of count data. Brands represent the columns, and statements about those brands represent the rows. The cells contain count data where people who have consumed one of 10 brands have endorsed one of 10...
  9. F

    Factor Analysis newbie seeks your help

    Hi, Perhaps unwisely as a newcomer to stats, I have taken on a scale validation project. I’ve searched the literature and can’t find anything so this is the issue: I’m developing a scale that (hypothetically) will identify, differentiate and measure two different constructs occurring in...
  10. C

    Prior knowledge of Confirmatory Factor Analysis required for Principal Component Analysis (PCA)?

    Can someone please tell me the prerequisites to learn PCA? Is prior knowledge of CFA needed? I am new to the topic. Thanks in advance!
  11. M

    Factor Analysis (categorical variables)

    Hi everyone, I need to run a factor analysis on a few nominal variables. They have no defined order, therefore, I cannot use polychoric correlations to create a matrix. My variables are coded such that: 1- respondent 2- husband 3- In laws and so on. I have eight variables and will...
  12. S

    Can i use the results from a PCA if the matrix is 'not positive definite'

    Hi, I have a 'not positive definite' correlation matrix having done a principal component analysis (PCA) on SPSS. The data i have used is from a questionnaire i did using a 7 point likert type scale. There were 36 questions (36 variables) i got 16 responses (n=16). The questionnaire was very...
  13. W

    How to assign new data to an existing clustering

    This is the situation. First, I performed factor analysis on 20 continuous variables, and reduced those to 10 factors using SPSS. Then, I did k-means cluster analysis and through trial & error came up with a 6 cluster solution. What I now need to accomplish is being able to predict which of...
  14. F

    Does it make sense to conduct a Hierarchical Principal Compomnent Analysis (PCA)?

    So I have twelve variables that theoretically belong to the same dimension and I want do reduce them to one single item. A hierarchical factor analysis gives really low loadings at the second level. However, if I do PCA at both levels I get good results, but does it make sense to do a...
  15. P

    Help with Exploratory factor analysis

    Hello, I am running exploratory factor analysis (EFA) to explore the existence of possible structures within my sample and I have managed to extract 6 factors. Would it be correct to state that since by means of EFA I have managed to see structure within my sample, I hypothesize that...
  16. B

    Help understanding separate- and joint- factor analyses in CFA and ESEM

    Folks, I am reading an article that tested 2 models--one with an hypothesized separate-factor relationship between five pairs of personality dimensions as measured by two personality assessments, the other with a hypothesized joint-factor relationship between the dimensions--using CFA and...
  17. C

    Interpreting negative correlations between factors?

    Hello evetyone! I conducted factor analysis on a 30-item scale which is suppose to be measuring xenophobia. All the variables were previously recoded in order to express the same side of the measured dimension. (I am using SPSS) I intend to analyse the relationship between xenophobia and a...
  18. A

    Seek for Statistical Test of Variability Contribution Percentage of Multiple Factors

    Hi, I need statistical test which would tell me which percent of variability in dependent variable is from given independent set of variables and which of unknown ones. Example: Model: Y = Model (X1, X2, X3, ....) Measurements of Y, X1 and X2 are given. I need test which tells me the portion...
  19. Z

    How to Interpret the Factor Analysis Findings

    Kindly If someone can help interpreting results as attached please
  20. K

    Newbie stats help: How to safely interpret Total Variance Explained -Factor analysis

    Hi all, I have run a factor analysis to test reliability and validity of an established scale and found simple structure with my own sample, which is great. I found a difference between the factors that explain most of the variance in the established study and my study. Now I am discussing...