failure rate

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    Forcast changes in th failure rate while considering feedback loop of failed "entity"

    Hi there How would you forecast changes in the failure rate of an assembly line if failed modules are fed back into the assembly line? If a module fails, the modules would be dissembled and the failed parts removed, only the potential good parts are returned into the material stock...
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    Estimating Failure Rate: Chi-Square v Poisson

    I understand Poisson distribution is for discrete events and can be used to estimate failure rate to a given confidence level from elapsed time and number of failures (assuming constant failure rate). However, in safety system engineering I routinely see the Chi-squared distribution used...
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    Estimating failure rate

    Hi all, I need some assistance in guiding folks on a sampling problem. We have an application that performs transactions and we're in the process of making modifications. We can't (unwilling to spend the money) test all the possible permutations of all the variables, so we want to randomly...