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    Fishers exact test on 1x2

    Hello everyone, I have 2 groups, cases and controls, and I observed 16 variants in group of cases and 3 variants in group of controls. I would like to test is there a significant difference between 16:3. I thought of doing Fishers exact test, but not sure how it can be performed on 1x2 table...
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    Interpretation of statistical test (2x2xk contingency table)

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    Can I use fishers exact test in this situation?

    You can see in the below table that I have multiple cells that have expected counts <5 and cells with counts equal to zero + zero expected counts. As I want to analyze the relationship between my two variables, one being about attitude and the other about behavior, would fishers exact test be...
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    Goodness of fit test for categorical data with non-negative real numbersca

    An experiment that I conduct has 5 outcomes: A, B, C and D. I conduct 12 trials for this experiment. I observe, for example: Outcome : Frequency A : 2 B : 3 C : 0 D : 5 E : 2 Now, I have a model that predicts the...
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    help needed with Fishers Exact Test (power calculation)

    Hello everyone. Hope someone can help me. I am running a Fisher exact 4 X 2 table analysis in SPSS. I have been informed its the correct test to use for the data. The problem is I have to conduct a power analysis to determine how many in both groups i need to be able to detect significance...
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    Theoretical questions about Chi goodness of fit & Fisher's Exact tests

    Hello statisticians, My main questions are; 1) For a Chi goodness of fit test, which effect size do you use? I am being told Cramer's V, Phi, Omega and W! (There seem to be a lot more answers for a Chi association test, but not for a Chi goodness of fit) 2) Can you use an Odds Ratio...
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    Post-hoc analysis for Fisher's Exact Test

    Hello all! I am using Fisher's Exact Tests to analyse a series of 2x2 contingency tables with small values. But are there any other tests I can use to say more interesting things about my results? (I am thinking of post-hoc tests, or possibly Kramer's V or Odds Ratio or other things that can...
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    Chi Square Expected Count less than 5!

    Hi there, any help needed with my problem would be MUCH appreciated. I have a 2x7 design. Gender VS different treatment options. I did a Pearson's Chi Square and my expected cell count was less than 5 in more than 20% of cases and some expected counts were also less than 1. SPSS does not...