frequency distribution

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    Does frequency distribution matter when using nominal/ordinal data?

    I want to do relationship analysis between different variables from questionnaire results that I've just collected and I've recently learned that you need to make sure certain assumptions are fulfilled before using certain analysis tools such as needing to have a normal distribution for your...
  2. R

    Statistical Approach for data (uneven intervals)

    Hello, What statistical approach would you recommend for a data of the following pattern. In a 12-hour window, each row/ID is an independent data set has multiple occurrences of an event with magnitude of event different at each occurrence and between IDs for example: ID 1 1-hour...
  3. M

    Which test - most frequently observed species - chi-square, nonparametric or poisson?

    I work for a community group restoring beaches. We've done some preliminary investigation of the vegetation along a shoreline to compare against regional mapping. I have a basic knowledge of statistics but could use some help. 10x100m of shoreline have been sampled to determine dominant...
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    changing the frequency distribution with out the changing the shape of the disti

    i have frequency table of wind speeds from a measurement site and now i want to use that wind speed frequency table to find out wind speed at a neighboring site who's mean is 1.02 times the mean of site i am measuring from. So how should change the frequency distribution to make sure the shape...
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    Measure Of Central Tendency & Graphical Representation.

    I Am Unable TO Understand The Two New Chapters In Our Syllabus .i.e. To Measure The Central Tendency And Graphical Representation. M Getting Confused In Finding Out The Standard Deviation And MEan Deviation And in Raw Data Form And Grouped Data Form. Please Help Out.:(