goodness of fit

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    CFA and SEM goodness fit indices the same?

    I am using AMOS to fit a structural equation model. Before doing so, however, I would like to perform a confirmatory factor analysis, which I have done this by correlating the latent variables. After confirming goodness of fit (using GFI, CFI, RMSEA, etc.), I run the structural model. However...
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    Goodness-of-fit of model derived from multivariate logistic regression

    I have a question regarding the relationship between the value of Chi square and df in determining the goodness-of-fit in a model derived from multivariate logistic regression. If the N= 290, Chi square =26.57, p=0.003 in a model with 16 variables (df is not reported), can one tell if this is...
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    How to assess Goodness-of-fit

    I have fitted a set of data points to an exponential decay curve of the equation: y=A+Be^(-t). I wish to assess the quality of fit. Is it OK if I did a chi-squared test using X^2 = sum: (O-E)^2/E and then looked up the critical value?
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    Anderson-Darling Goodness of Fit test

    Hi there I would like to know if anyone has a PDF copy of the Table of Anderson-Darling critical values at the 5% significance level for a Weibull Distribution Goodness of Fit Test? Here is my email, you can email it there if you have it...
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    Problem fitting an SEM with latent variable

    Hello, I am having trouble with a Structural Equation Model. As you can see in the attached picture, my main outcome variable (F4) is a latent variable. When I run the model, all of the paths are significant in the hypothesized direction, but the Chi-square is very high (almost 10,000) and...
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    Goodness of fit for 2D histograms

    Hello all, I've dragging this problem for quite a while now and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me whit it. I have two sets of data representing stars parameters: an observed one and a modeled one. With these sets I create what is called a two-color-diagram (TCD). A sample can...
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    Fisher's exact test as a goodness of fit test

    Hello everybody, I'm at a beginner level regarding statistics knowledge and I would very much appreciate any help with this problem. I have a 10000x2 table (see below, first column is actually the index) where the first column holds binned data representing observations, dataset A, and the...
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    evaluating loess fit

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to evaluate the fits of data using loess() in R. I cannot seem to find any established methods for determining the quality of a loess fit. I have been using the median absolute deviation of the residuals as an estimate of the "goodness of fit" and the amount of...
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    Poisson distribution - goodness of fit

    I want to test goodness of fit for poisson distribution for a very large data set (~millions of records). Can anybody suggest a method? All the methods that are available are for small data sets.
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    Can Phi Coefficient be used as an effect size for Chi-Square Goodness of Fit tests?

    Flip a coin 100 times -> 48 H, 52 T Null - coin follows a specified distribution Run a chi-square goodness of fit test using 48, 52 and 50, 50 I get a high P-Value which tells me to accept the null (coin is fair). Why then is the Phi-Coefficient low (2%)...meaning that the association...
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    Alternative to chi-squared test needed

    Hi all. I need a goodness of fit test for a situation in which a chi-squared test isn't appropriate - where the sum of the expected values does not necessarily equal the sum of the observed values. For example, I have 5 cells each with the same expected value of 10. The observations for...