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    Post-Hoc Power Analysis (G*Power) for simple linear regression

    Hey everyone! I conducted a simple linear regression with non-significant results. Now I would like to analyze the power of this calculation using G*Power. I chose the option "F-tests - Linear multiple regression, fixedmodel, R(2) deviation from zero and entered 1 as my numer of predictors...
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    Calculating Variance Explained by Effect: High Intercept Sum of Squares Problem

    Hi :) Context: I'm using G*Power to conduct a post hoc power analysis. The study design is a 2x2 Two-Way ANOVA. ANOVA was done in SPSS. Within G*Power, I'm using Protocol of power analyses -> F tests -> ANOVA: Fixed effects, special, main effects and interactions. Then to get the effect...
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    Advice on an assignment using G*Power

    Advice on an assignment using G*Power A student I am tutoring in precalc asked me to help him on the following assignment from his Intro to Prob & Stat class. I am suppose to "explain" the assignment to him tomorrow, but I do not understand it myself. Here's the kicker... I read the email...