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    GPower f (V) effect size interpretation

    I am having difficulty understanding how to interpret effect size f(V) on GPower for a priori sample size calculation for ANOVA repeated-measures, within-between interaction. I am conducting an a priori power analysis to calculate sample size for ANOVA repeated measures, within-between...
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    Using GPower3 to calculate sample size

    I ran the following calculations in GPower3 but I am doubting my method and I am looking for suggestions but also perhaps a beginners way of checking this mathematically. I have a one way test, with an r of .25 an alpha of .05 and a power of .80, I came up with a required sample size of 95...
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    Power Analysis for Factorial ANOVA Design?

    Hello, I have the following experimental design: Dependent Variable: time taken for task Independent Variables: task difficulty(2), device configuration(5) Participants are randomly assigned to one task difficulty (easy or hard). They then go through all 5 device configurations (which...