graphical representation

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    Statistical report

    Hi, I am a first-year business student that is taking a stats class. I have a report assignment with the requirement of an executive survey and certain purposes for the client, who owns a furniture shop. The objectives were: 1. Profile of customers-Age, gender, disposable income... 2...
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    AMOS graphics arrow length of unique variable

    Am using AMOS for the first time today. When I added the unique variable to an item, the arrow length (on left and right side) is extremely long and goes outside the paper. The arrow length is perfect when the unique variable is put on top and bottom of the item. How do I resize the arrow length?
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    Plotting Marginal Effects of an Interaction term in STATA 11.0

    Hi guys, I have an interaction term between two variables = xz = x*z and have run the regression xtreg y x z xz i.year y is also a continuous variable 1.4-23.4 x ranges from 0-142 and z ranges from 0-21.8 (not sure if these ranges help) when running the regression my coefficient...
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    Graphical Interpretation of an Interaction Effect

    Hello, I have included an interaction term in my regression and was hoping to graphically interpret it as my variables are continuous. I found a helpful do file from Golder's paper 'Understanding Interaction Effects' but I tried to do the graph and Stata didn't accept the graphical commands...
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    Help required for making graph representation

    Dear fellows; I have to present large data set as a graph in poster. I have attached the datasheet as .xls. In the sheet I have queries column (Column A) which is 49 in number. Each query is classified to multiple classes (Column B) and then we have their p-values in column C. Notice that...
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    Quantifying trends and patterns, which test to use?

    Attached is an image of some graphs showing the relationship between a factor which varies year on year, compared to various other factors. With many of the factors it is clear to see that there is a relation between them, however I'm unsure as to how best to show this quantitatively! Many...
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    Measure Of Central Tendency & Graphical Representation.

    I Am Unable TO Understand The Two New Chapters In Our Syllabus .i.e. To Measure The Central Tendency And Graphical Representation. M Getting Confused In Finding Out The Standard Deviation And MEan Deviation And in Raw Data Form And Grouped Data Form. Please Help Out.:(