hazard function

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    Entropy Calculation

    Hi, Can the entropy of the hazard function be calculated by r(t) is my hazard function. I'm new to information theory and want to know whether the uncertainty of the hazard function can be computed with the theory of entropy. Thanks in advance!
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    Rewriting integration by summation

    Suppose that n individuals have lifetimes represented by random variables T_1, T_2, \ldots, T_n. Instead of the observed values for each lifetime, we have a time t_i' which we know is either the lifetime or censoring time. Let us define a variable \delta_i=I(T_i=t_i') that equals 1 if...
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    Help with hazard function plot

    Hi, I'm looking for help with hazard function plot. Sample of dataset of 1200 obs: ID Age Drugduration Hypertension Event EventDay Censored 1 76 200 1 0 83 1 2 80 180 0 1 214 0 3 85 120 1 0 275 1 I used these codes: ​ stset EventDay, failure(Event) id(ID) stcox Age...