heckman selection model

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    SPSS-Need help creating a variable for dyadic data

    I have data for 200+ couples, one row per individual. Each couple shares an identifier (their CoupleID) which occupies 1 column. Each couple answered a set of questions about themselves, and the same questions about their partner. Individuals without partners have a blank CoupleID. I need to...
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    Heckman SPSS error

    HI: I was trying to download the heckman command and I believe I managed to do it. It's available now on the menu analyze/regression/heckman However, when I try to run I always get this error message: "Error in dirname(fpath) : a character vector argument expected" Anyone know what it...
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    Heckman selection model - suitable for categorical and continuous DVs?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out whether Heckman selection can be and should be used for my data. I have the same group of investors who are first of all asked about their willingness to invest in a specific project (on a 1-7 scale) and afterwards, after being presented with...