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    Please help me to define which tests to apply

    Good morning friends, I'm in need of some tips on what tests to apply in R for my research. My research has the title of seasonal distribution of a species on the coast. Collected data. Number of organisms collected in the month. Over the years Abiotic variables (climatology) Wind speed...
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    Help! Brand new at r! Do you see the error here?

    Can anyone see the error in this? I have used a mock-up model successfully twice, with same spacing, etc., and have gotten great graphs (in the 29 hours since I learned of R's existence). I am going crazy! title.main <- "How Clients Learned VAC Offers HIV/STI Testing" cats <-...
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    I have a problem that is probably fairly simple but I have writers block. This is to do with unnamed animals. I have three tests I have conducted on different samples of animals. The possible outputs are simply alive/dead (please ignore the obvious moral implications). The tests are: Small...