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    Homework Question

    Hi, I have a homework question that I don't fully understand. It reads like this: The mean weight of antarctic penguins found in a colony last year was 15.4 kg. In a sample of 35 penguins same time this year in the same colony the mean weight was 14.5kg. Assume the population standard deviation...
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    Probability Question

    If you toss 100 fair coins (chance is 50% that it is heads) What is the chance that you will get 60 or more heads. Does anyone know how to calculate this probability? Thank you in advance!
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    Probability HW help

    I need help with these problems. I worked them out, got answers, and checked the back of the book to see if I got them correct. A pair of six-sided balanced dice are rolled. What are the probabilities of getting the sum of the face values as follows? (a) 8 (b) 6 or 9 (c) 3, 8, or 12 (d)...
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    Forming a null and alternative hypothesis and then testing it.

    I am given the following data: Observation Wage 1 $8.75 2 $10.00 3 $10.25 4 $6.50 5 $15.00 6 $10.00 7 $8.00 8 $7.50 9 $12.75 10 $9.25 From this I get a sample mean of 9.8. A standard deviation of 2.51. My problem is the following: Use proper notation, write the “null” and...
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    Can someone please check my answers? It's over confidence intervals

    This isn't techinally homework. It's extra practice questions giving by my teacher. I just want to make sure I'm understanding everything correctly. If I have a question wrong, can you please give me the right answer and explain it in great detail? 1. Construct a 95 percent confidence...
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    Help its urgent!

    Q1)A certain stimulus administrated to each of the nine patients resulted in the following increase in blood pressure: 5,1,8,0,3,3,5,-2,4 Can it be concluded that blood pressure in general is increased by administrating the stimulus? Q2)A manufacturer of house dresses sent out advertising...
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    Stats Homework Help

    Hey Everyone! :) I am stuck on some stats homework questions! Hoping someone can help me out.. 1. A friend flips a coin 10 times and says that the probability of getting a head is 60% because he got six heads. Is the friend referring to an estimated probability or the​ probability's true​...
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    Before/After- t-test???

    Hello everyone, Kinda new to this forum. I need help in finishing off this project. So, my research question is whether an increase in the blood alcohol content (i.e., drinking alcohol) lead to a decrease in the mental capacity of performing basic tasks. In order to perform this research (and...
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    What tests to unleash on the data?

    Hey everyone! So here's some background: I'm doing a course on data-analysis [SPSS] and my teacher likes the idea of us finding our own solutions, so we don't get much help from him (We're allowed, and cheered on to find help on the internet). So that brings me here! I'm not too good at this...
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    Please help me find the formula for this

    Hi everyone!Can you please help me find he formula for this. I'm sorry but I don't know. Five light bulbs burned out after lasting for 867, 849, 840, 852 and 822 hours of continuous use. Find the mean and also determine what the mean would if the second value is recorded incorrectly as 489...
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    Finding P(AnB') (Homework)

    Hi there, this is my first post on this forum. I am trying to find the probability of P(BnA') the data given is: P(A) = 1/3 P(B) = 1/3 P(AnB) = 1/10 My attempt: P(A') = 1-(1/3) = 2/3 P(BnA')= P(B) * P(A') = 1/3 * 2/3 = 2/9 The reason I think what I did was wrong is because I...
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    Little homework help needed

    Hi, I need help with the last question of a homework problem. I am given: P(A1) = 0.23, P(A2) = 0.26, P(A3) = 0.29, P(A1 ∩ A2) = 0.08, P(A1 ∩ A3) = 0.07, P(A2 ∩ A3) = 0.05, P(A1 ∩ A2 ∩ A3) = 0.01. I need to find: P(A1 ∩ A2 ∩ A3 | A1 ∪ A2 ∪ A3). I know: P(A1 ∪ A2 ∪ A3) = P(A1) + P(A2) +...
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    What would you do if you had two very different Values of Cohen's D?

    I conducted a factorial ANOVA.. and I found a significant interaction. I used two independent samples t-tests to conduct a further simple effects analysis one group always had higher accuracy than the other group regardless of the condition. However: condition 1 had an extremely...
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    Can someone please help with the below questions : Q1- Two teams A and B are playing a series of 5 matches. The team who wins the three or more matches will win the series. Assume that the outcome of the matches are independent and probability of winning for each team is 0.5. What is the...
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    I need to solve step by step these statistic problems

    I need to solve step by step these statistic problems, please do not use software, statistic tables are ok
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    Inventory management from Donald Waters pg 75 .

    I want to know how did he calculate the holding cost for EOQ model. Ques.:- Sarah Brown works for a manufacturer that makes parts for marine engines. The parts are made in batches, and every time a new batch is started it costs £1,640 for disruption and lost production and £280 in wages...
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    Assistance Please

    I'm having a tough time with my online stat course. Very limited feedback from instructor and I feel somewhat on my own. Can someone assist with this problem? Math, in general, has never come easily to me. :( Which of the following data sets is most likely to be normally distributed? For...
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    Hello, I had to miss my last class in stats and I don't know how to solve this question. 1. For each of the following combinations of values, decide whether the combination is possible or impossible, and if it's impossible, explain why. a. b = .80, sy.x = 0, r = 1.00 b. b = .80, sy.x =...
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    Calculating correlation with unknown sample size

    Hello, friends. Here is the question that I would like answered. I have literally been sitting here for over an hour trying to find the solution on the web, and I am beyond frustrated (my broken arm doesn't help). What would be the correlation between the annual salary of males and females at...