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    ID-number in Stata

    Dear you, I might have a stupid question, but I have not found the answer on google, and I hope someone can help. I have a dataset where there are several observations for each ID-number, and I do not know how to tell Stata that these observations should be linked. For example I...
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    changing frequency of data

    Is it acceptable in PhD thesis to use data that have been converted from low frequency (annually data) to higher frequency (quarterly data). I'm asking because I have only few observations (GDP growth for 12 years) and would like to convert then into quarterly data so that I can run my model and...
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    SEM identification question

    For the identification of P(Y=y|do(X=x)), one can condition on a set which has no descendants of X and d-separates all back-door paths. What would be the corresponding graphical criteria for the identification of P(Y=y|do(X=x),do(Z=z))? In particular, I have a mediation model, so I'm interested...