independent observations

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    Can I use gls if I don't need to use mixed models and var is not structured?

    I have a continuous variable that is related to a covariable linearly. I need to compare this relationship between months (24 months), but the dataset is very heterogeneous: the sample size is different (very) between months and the covariate range is also different between months, obviously...
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    Are the Observations in A Random Sample Independent?

    Hi, guys. I am learning the t-test on my own. The assumptions of t-test have been confusing to me. The assumptions included "A random sample is used" and "The random sample is made up of independent observations", so I wondered the observations in a random sample may not be...
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    Are my observations independent or not?

    Hi everyone! I have an issue with my observations. I don't know if I can state they are independent or not. In my study, I have 8 different tasks from 4 different types. So I have 2 different tasks for each type. I chose 2 different tasks for each type because my participants used 2...