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    Independent, non-normal, unbalanced, analysis of an interaction effect

    I have previously used straightforward two-way ANOVAs for comparing bone density across sport disciplines. I have males (M) and females (F) across low impact (LI) and high impact (HI) sports (N = 92). I have 24 males and females in in the LI group, 19 females in the HI group, but 39 males in the...
  2. M

    3 Independent and 3 Dependent Variables

    Hello everyone, I have to find single data set which including at least 3 independent and 3 dependent variables. I do not know if it is possible. Is there any good website for this?
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    Appropriate test for quantitative content analysis of one newspaper

    Hi everyone, I am examining the differences in media coverage of homicide on the basis of the religion of the victim (bias). The sample is one newspaper over several years. The quasi-independent variable is religion (1 = christian, 2 = muslim).. This is not a dichotomous variable as...
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    [AMOS] Model with a categorical IV

    Hi all, I am looking for some AMOS advice regarding an experiment I've conducted, with a categorical IV. How should I include this categorical IV in AMOS? Experiment background: Participants in the experiment received a news item about brand A, brand B, or brand C (3 different types of...
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    Which Statistical test to use?

    Can someone tell me the statistical tests I could use with the following variables. Independent variable categorical (high, medium, low) Dependent variables are categorical, and some are dichotomous What parametric (for large samples) and what non-parametric (small samples) could be...
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    Are the following events independent or dependent?

    I asked the following question in an exam. I can argue both ways, but I am very interested in any further thoughts. ---------------- Are the following events independent or dependent? Please give details of your choice. No marks will be given for answers without a reason. Event A –...
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    Help Settle and Argument re: Chance of Failure in Fantasy Football

    Hi, all! I'm new, so please accept my apologies in advance for... whatever. So here's the question. In a fantasy football league, there are two divisions, each with 6 players. In the entire league, there are 3 brothers (each other's brothers!). 2 of the brothers are in division A...
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    Probability Question - Express in terms of P

    Hi, I am currently stuck on a probabilities question and I was wondering if anyone could help me a bit. A and B are two events. Suppose that P(B'|A) = 0.75 P(A'|B) = 0.6 P(A') = 0.4 A' and B' are complementary events of A and B respectively. Let P(B) = p, where 0<p<1. 1.Express P(A' n B) in...
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    Paired-sample or Independent T-test?

    Hi, I have read all of the examples available but I can't tell which test to use because none of the examples use the kind data that I do! Please help, this is for my MA in Archaeology. Basically, I want to figure out whether buildings are generally closer to shrines than they are to other...
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    Odds of winning a race given the odds of each runner beating each opponent?

    Hi, Say we have three runners: A, B and C, and we have the probability of each runner beating each individual opponent: A before B: 0.68 A before C: 0.42 B before A: 0.32 B before C: 0.30 C before A: 0.58 C before B: 0.70 Of course, the probability of A before B is = 1 -...
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    Independent events occurring simultaneously

    Hey guys, I saw a similar question on the site, but still need some help with my own. Here it is: Consider a double computer intruder detection system with system A and system B. If there is an intruder, system A sounds an alarm with probability .95 and system B sounds an alarm with...
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    Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two Sample test statistic confusion

    Hi, What is the test statistic for the Kolmogorov Smirnov Two sample test for testing whether two distributions are the same. I have been using the Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures, but I have also found online a conflicting option for the test statistic: 1)...
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    What does uncorrelatedness and independence imply?

    Dear all, I'm currently reading papers of statistical modelling. I encountered with the concepts of uncorrelatedness and independence. I understand the definitioins, but I am wondering what are the real effects they can make in statistical analysis? For example, I have a dataset and I use...
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    total deviation of the sum of unrelated means

    As a starter - I am a newbie to this forum (and forums in general). Also, I have a very (very) basic understanding of stats/prob. Thank you in advance for your patience and please don't hesitate to provide feedback that will help me, help myself more efficiently! I am trying to compute the...
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    Urgent Help Please For Creating Relationship

    Hi Buddies :wave: Thanks for your upcoming help :) I have been trying to create relationship dependent scale which are (Positive, Neutral, Negative) = ( 1/ 0 / -1) and independent variable of 1 - 5. I would like to know how to evaluate impact of Independent variable on dependent variable...
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    Dependent and independent variables

    Hey guys. I'm doing my masters and I'm trying to get the hang of statistics in social sciences. I have this one data set, where I'm looking at the relationship between different types of jobs and after-education in the different job types (yes/no). It's then I get a little confused. As far...
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    Uniform and Independent Probability (Simple Problem)

    Hey there, I have a quick question. The problem: 3 numbers, say X, Y, and Z are chosen from a set of numbers (1 to n) where n is greater or equal to 1, in a uniform and independent manner. Question 1 What's the chance that all these three numbers take on the same value, i.e. X=Y=Z...
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    the third statistics independent with sample mean and variance

    As we know, if X1, X2 ... XN are IID normal distribution, then the mean of the samples and the variance of the samples are independent. My question is, could we use X1, X2 ... XN to construct the third statistics, which independent with the sample mean and variance.
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    Paired or Independent?

    Dear all, For my thesis I have created 2 portfolios of 250 stocks each (randomly selected). I hypothetically buy them on the 1st of January and sell them back on the last trading day of the year. I have calculated the returns over the year and collected them in 2 groups of 250 each...
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    Independence of Bivariate Continuos RV's.

    By the two definitions of independence for bivariate continuous RVs: (1) F(x,y)=F_X(x)F_Y(y) and (2) f(x,y)=f_X(x)f_Y(y). Prove that these two are equivalent. That is: prove that (1) implies (2) and that (2) implies (1). I tried to differentiate for one and integrate for the other.