influential outliers

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    Am I dealing with outliers, or something else (skewness of 106)?

    So I have not exactly a homework problem, but I just discovered how fun statistic modelling is, and usually I use already clean datasets. However, I am dealing with a credit default dataset that a lecturer showed me as a challenge. I want to do a logistic regression, a random forest, and XGBoost...
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    Derivation of an equation of Influential Analysis in OLS

    Hi to everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm very pleased for the existence of this forum, since the fact that forums in these times are in decay. I'm not a native English speaker so I ask for a little of patience lol I'm studying Ordinary Least Squares, and in the section of Influential...
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    When removing influential outliers creates more, what then?

    Hello good folks, I am conducting multiple regression for a meta analysis, with the dependent y variable being a range of values ($/ha/year) extracted from studies, and the x variables being a range of geographical and methodological variables. Both the y variable and Area (ha) had a poor...