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    EFA: Factor Correlation Matrix Interpretation

    Hello, I recently ponder about the way to interpret the factor correlation matrix in an EFA (e.g. delivered in SPSS output). I realized that, despite the factor correlation matrix showing a negative correlation between two factors, these two factors may be positively related when I just...
  2. M

    Comparing magnitudes of logit/ordered logit coefficient estimates

    Greetings! I have a logit model with a number of independent variables which are binary and therefore measured on the same scale. I am stuck on what seems to be a fairly basic/straightforward issue. First, while I am aware that a direct comparison between the coefficient estimates should...
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    Interpretation of Monte Carlo Significance for Chi-Square Analysis

    I am currently utilizing a 4x7 chi-square and cannot collapse any columns or rows, resulting in expected cell counts of less than 5 in 14 cells (50%), minimum expected value is 1.36. I included a monte carlo test of significance to account for this, however, I am unclear on how to interpret...
  4. A

    Interpreting an unstandardized partial regression coefficient

    Hi, anyone know what two equivalent interpretations of the below unstandardized partial regression is? Y^MathsValue = -7.31-0.27XAnxiety + 0.52XSelfCon + 0.09XM_Attitude + 0.15XF_Attitude where the DV is Perceived Value of Maths (MATHSVALUE) and the four IVs are Maths Anxiety (ANXIETY)...
  5. L

    Need help interpreting regression analysis comparison results

    Hi, I am using simple linear regression analysis to compare two different population groups' development over time (one dependent variable). I am insecure about how to best interpret and report the results and hope someone could help me here. Here are the results I've got...
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    Mediation results where MV and IV become insignificant

    I have been running some mediation models and have come across a finding where individually the IndVar-DepVar and Mediator-DepVar relationships are both statistically significant, but when I examine the model that contains the IndVar and the Mediator, neither are significantly associated with he...
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    ROC curve and comparison of data from serial tests.

    Hello! With the premise that I am a simple biotechnologist and I've never studied biostatistics at all, I have been assigned the task of analyzing some data I've obtained from two serial lab tests. With the first test I have no population issues, since the two groups I'm comparing are...
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    Multiple Regression interpretation

    y=β0+β1x1+β2x2+β3x3 Price = year + (difference between actual miles and average miles, x-xbar) + (year * difference between actual miles and average miles, year(x-xbar)) I am looking at this regression formula, but I don't understand what is going on. Could someone explain it a bit better to...
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    Interpretation of results from multiple regression analysis

    Hi all, I have just finished a multiple regression analysis for a school assignment. The model has Consumption as its dependent variable, and Income and Wealth as the two explanatory variables. The estimated equation comes out as Y = 30.95 + 0.46X1 + 0.099X2. When I run two separate...
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    Durbin-Watson of 1.97

    Hi there, I ran the Durbin-Watson test for my dataset. n = 744 (sample), k = 9 (variables) My result is a DW of 1.97. SPSS does not show upper and lower d in the results section, which means: I do not know if there is evidence of no autocorrelation. How can I interpret this result...
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    Interpretation of low, negative, cubic clustering criterion values

    Hello all, My question is how do you use the cubic clustering criterion to assist in selecting an appropriate number of clusters when the values are all negative? I know that when they are positive you look for peaks in the values to indicate a demarcation point. However, when they are...
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    Eta in spss

    Hi when should we use Eta in evaluation of correlation and how should we interperate and report it ? thank you
  13. R

    Understanding Prediction Limits

    Hi guys! I'm also starting with predictive analysis and regression models. I've managed to get a nice looking prediction formula with 86.8% of R2. Then I re-run the regression (I'm using MiniTab 13) and selected the options to get Confidence Limits and Prediction Limits... My question...
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    Interpretation of coefficient differences across sample groups (please help!?)

    Hello! Before I start the whole story, I am going to sumamrize my main question beforehand so the story will hopefully make more sense. Mainly, I want to now how to interpret the results of a regression which I ran in a manner requested by my professor. Next, I would want to know how to...
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    Help with t test interpretation

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help explain the following. In comparing the means of two distribution, m1 and m2, let us say m1 = 10 and m2 = 5 I am trying to interpret one-tailed and two-tailed tests. If the area to the right of critical t value (m1 - m2)/SD is 5%, then in a two-tailed...
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    GARCH output basic question

    This is likely an absurdly basic question, but how are the parameter estimates in a GARCH(1,1) model interpreted...specifically the AR1, AR2, ARCH0, ARCH1, and GARCH1? Here's a copy of my output: Algorithm converged. GARCH Estimates...
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    Interaction effect appearing as main effects

    Hi I've just read a paper which uses a 2x2 ANOVA on two between subjects independent variables. Effectively they have Factor A (Yes/No) and Factor B (Yes/No) with different participants in each group. They report that both factors show main effects and that there is also an interaction...
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    IV results interpretation

    Hello, I have an endougenous variable x and an instrument for it, variable z. The instrument is (significantly) negatively related to x. My hypothesis expects a positive effect of my endogenous variable x on y, my dependent variable. When using 2SLS ivreg in Stata does this mean that (because...
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    IV regression Stata interpretation

    Dear all, I have an endougenous variable x and an instrument for it, variable z. The instrument is (significantly) negatively related to x. I expect a positive effect of my endogenous variable x on y, my dependent variable. When using 2SLS ivreg in Stata does this mean that (because of the...
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    Interpretation of significant nested term in linear mixed model

    Hello! I ran a linear mixed model and used a nested term as random factor and it turned out to be significant. How do you interpret it and what does it imply for further analyses? Thanks for your help!