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    Can iterative PCA be applied to grouped data?

    My data set consist of 156 individuals with fifteen variables. The variables consist of one body mass (dependent) variable and fourteen (independent) variables of different bird bone dimensions (of one type of bone). The 156 individuals can be divided over 30 bird species, where some groups of...
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    Using iterative functions in!

    Hello everyone, I'm extremely new to using R and have been battling to process some data using an iterative function. I just wondered if anyone might be able to give me a hand with it. To try to make things clearer (and because I don't know how to explain it any other way) I have a set...
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    iterative data subsetting

    I have 15 data sets that I want to take specific observations from and create a new data structure with them. Rather than doing all of this by hand, I am trying to make a function that will do it for me. This is what I have thus far: function(){ coding <- 7 for (i in 7:99){...