1. B

    Could you please suggest a newbie about publishing Statistics related papers?

    Hello, I am quite new in writing and publishing papers. I have written a few papers, not that tough ones statistically, may be, but well written with properly performed analysis. One paper is on nutritional aspect of the country using a nationally representative data. There I have used a...
  2. trinker

    Recommendation: Journals that may have survey research

    Hopefully the title says it all. I'm trying to get more familiar with survey research (how it's written up, research questions, methods of analysis etc.). If you come across journals that tend to have this type of research (survey) could you throw out the name of that journal (particularly if...
  3. trinker

    Where to send an education methods piece

    I'm writing a piece that introduces a new correlation like measure between time periods. I would like to get this one published somewhere. The problem... My mentors are qualitative people. Generally the work I read is qualitative (my field is very qual) and so my exposure to journals with...