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    Kaplan-Meier usage for forecasting

    So I have somehow got involved in a forecasting project at work and am currently making things up as I go along (because no one else has any clue what they're doing either), but would greatly value your input as to the best method of approach. Scenario: Insurance policies are sold with an...
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    ggsurvplot: Round n.risk for weighted data

    Hi all, I'm creating Kaplan-Meier plots with ggsurvplot on weighted data. When I add the risk.table (showing the number at risk over time) I get long decimals because of the weighted data. Is there a way to round the number at risk in the risk.table? I've tried overriding the ggrisktable...
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    Rewriting integration by summation

    Suppose that n individuals have lifetimes represented by random variables T_1, T_2, \ldots, T_n. Instead of the observed values for each lifetime, we have a time t_i' which we know is either the lifetime or censoring time. Let us define a variable \delta_i=I(T_i=t_i') that equals 1 if...
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    Kaplan Meier Curves With Repeat Events? Is it Possible?

    This may be a stupid question, but: can you construct Kaplan-Meier curves for repeat event data? Or should I limit each individual to occurrence of the first event? Thanks so much everyone! -Laura
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    Incidence rate and Kaplan Meier

    Hello, I have a question about what we call "incidence rate" at the end of a longitudinal study. If there are a number of censored data, how do you calculate this IR. Is that the same calculation as Kaplan Meir estimate at the end of the study, or there is another way to calculate it...
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    Incorporating correlation between parameters using variation-covariance matrix

    Hi all, My colleagues and I are working on a project (i.e., health economics model) where we have fitted parametric curves (using Weibull, Exponential, Gompertz, Log-logistic, Log-normal, and Gamma distributions) to Kaplan-Meier data. In the project, we have estimated various survival curves...
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    Is Kaplan-Meier Log-rank p-value valid even if one group has zero events

    Hi all, So first off, I am a novice so I apologize if this is a beginner question. I am doing a research project where I am looking at immune sensitization prior to heart transplants and seeing if it has any bearing on outcomes after transplant. Patients fall into either a "Hi" or a "Lo"...
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    [SPSS] Kaplan Meier not showing censored data

    Hi, I'm trying to compare two Kaplan Meier survival curves in SPSS. It's about the overall survival between two groups. Now I've entered the months (as time), the status (0=censored, 1=deceased) and I put my variable 'group' into the factor box. But then, when I analyze, it doesn't show...
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    cox regression v. kaplan-meier

    hi everyone! thanks in advance for your help! i'm studying whether the presence of high v. low hormone levels (of several different hormones) affects survival - i assume that i am to use kaplan-meier to analyze the data rather than cox regression. i am also not sure how to get SPSS to...
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    Predicting 5 year survival Kaplan-Meier

    Hi all, I need to predict 5 year survival proportion with a kaplan meier plot. Thus far, I'm getting mean and median survival times. How do I get what I need? Thank-you very much.
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    Urgent - Kaplan-Meier plot - how to predict survival at different time points

    Hi, I've conducted a kaplan-meier survival plot relating the event (death), to time (varying follow-up times around 2 years). The output has shown me a mean, and median survival time with confidence intervals. I'd like to represent my findings as "expected" survival at 1 and 5 years. How...