latent growth curve

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    Problems Fitting Latent Growth Curve Model for BMI

    Hi all, I have a question regarding panel data--collected biennially--from the National Longitudinal Study of Youth. (I use STATA 13.0 for Mac.) I've been trying--and failing--to fit a latent growth curve model for respondent Body Mass Index (BMI). Respondents were empaneled as children...
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    Latent Growth Curve and covariates

    I'm examining latent growth curves in Mplus. My dependent variable is continuous, measured over three time points. I have a great unconditional model, and now I want to examine multiple time-invariant predictors on the latent intercept and slope. If I add the predictors, how do I evaluate if...
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    Writing equations for latent growth curve models

    Hi all, I'm a PhD student currently working on an independent research project using latent growth curve modeling. This is my first time using this statistic, and I was wondering if anyone had a good reference that discusses how to form the statistical (i.e., mathematical) equations. I like...