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    Latent Class Analysis - How to identify the main drivers?

    Hi All! I ran a LCA to identify the best possible segmentation of classes in a population. I used Latent Gold for this and imported the clusters later in to SPSS for some comparisons and calculation. I am a bit stuck with the following questions: Are there any metrics which indicate which of...
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    Meta-Analysis of LCAs

    Does anyone have examples of papers that are meta-analytic reviews of latent class analysis studies? Or of cluster analyses? I am looking to complete a meta-analysis of this sort, but I am having trouble making sense of how it would work/if it's possible.
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    Choice-based conjoint (CBC) - randomized design

    I need some advice re/ randomized designs in CBC: In my CBC, I have n = 220 and 10 pair-wise comparisons, i.e., each respondent evaluates 20 choice options in 10 choice tasks. Each choice options has 5 attributes á 3 levels. In my pre-study, I used a d-optimal fractional design generated by...
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    New to LCA please help with a methodological question

    Hello, I am new to LCA and attempting to design a secondary data study utilizing LCA as to show latent classes (subtypes) of a specific disorder based on symptoms of this condition ie. aggression toward others (13 symptoms total)that are binary (yes/no)(as measured by a behavioral checklist) I...
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    Latent Class Analysis with Stata

    Hi, Have anyone used Stata for Latent Class Analysis? I want to estimate willingness to pay with it, but I'm not sure it is possible with this software... Thanks x