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    "Number of Persons” Vs “Number of Person-years” in a Stationary Population

    I have learnt that the life table function nLx is the number of "person-years" lived by the cohort between ages x and x+n. But for stationary population, nLx is defined as the number of persons in the population who at any moment are living within the age interval (x, x+n). I don't...
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    Concept of Stationary Population in Demography.

    The definition of stationary population is: "The stationary population is a model without immigration or emigration in which the same age-specific probabilities of death apply continuously and in which there are the same number of births and deaths each year." Can anyone please explain me...
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    Data management snapspan life table survival analysis

    Hi :wave: I'm having trouble with the data management necessary to set the database so that I can run a Lifetable to do some descriptive analysis. I tried a simple snapspan synthax: snapspan id year x1-x15, gen (year0) but i'm getting an error message (which said "not sorted", even if I...