likelihood ratio

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    Interpretation of likelihood ratio and hypothesis testing

    Even after extensive search, am unclear on some (basic) concepts regarding likelihood vs. frequentist approach in hypothesis testing. Can you please help? Here we go: Suppose I have observed an outcome O, and I know that a parameter θ has influence on the outcome and can acquire two (and...
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    assocstats() output

    Hello, When I type > assocstats(mytable) I get the output: X^2 df P(> X^2) Likelihood Ratio 0.085525 1 0.76995 Pearson 0.084803 1 0.77089 Please can someone explain me what that means? (I only know that df is...
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    How to interpret and compare models in Cox regression?

    Hallo, I am trying to interpret the results of a Cox regression; I am doing a PhD in medicine. I love statistics but my question is still pretty basic, I think, and I did not find an answer in previous threads. I have to compare different models (just a couple of predictors in each...