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    likert with dimensions calculate range

    hello, I am trying to calculate the intervals / categories of a dimension of 4 items / questions Dimension Q1 | x | x | x | x | Q2 | x | x | x | x | Q3 | x | x | x | x | Q4 | x | x | x | x | intervals 4 - x (not satisfied at all) x - x x - x x - 16 (Totally satisfied) how...
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    Can I compare results from 5 point likert scale to results from 4 point likert scale?

    Can I compare mean (descriptive analysis) from 5 point likert scale to a mean of 4 point likert scale? Results from 5 point likert scale: M: 3.34 (SD: .80) Results from 4 point likert scale: M: 2.18 (SD .44) I want to compare these results, is that possible? Thanks in advance,
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    Advice on comparative analysis between two groups on Likert scale questionnaire

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck on my dissertation which is due next week. I'm a business major student and my project is a comparative research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) between Chinese and German firms. According to my literature review, it's quite obvious that German firms have much...
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    Likert: Fisher's exact OR Kruskal-Wallis?

    Hi, I've got a survey with 50 responses, and want to test for difference between three subgroups, and strength of association. I'm not happy to treat data as continuous. But I'm not sure whether I should use Kruskal-Wallis to compare rating scores between groups, or Fisher's Exact Test...
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    Likert Scale Help

    Hello everyone! I am in a statistics course and writing my first research paper using my own data analysis and I could really use some help determining what statistical test to use. I am using STATA and ANES data. All of my variables are likert scale variables which I have coded -3 to 3...
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    How to combine single Likert items into one scale? (Time-sensitiv)

    Hello, I have a very time-sensitive question: I am replicating a theory that uses 12 Likert items to measure three latent variables (4 items per latent variable). Also in my study I use these 12 likert items that measure three latent variables. Every latent variables is measured by 4...