logistic regression stata

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    Marginal effects after logistic

    I have all binary/categorical variables, and I am trying to decide between mfx/margins to obtain marginal effects in Stata. They seem to provide different results, but I'm unclear as to the best one to choose and why. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Conditional logistic regression, multiple testing.

    Hi everyone! I have 10 exposure variables that i would like to analyze univariate. I've applied the conditional logistic regression model to each exposure, univariate, in the program R. I then applied the summary function to each model to get the test statistic, confidence interval and...
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    logistic regression R and Stata – grouping variable

    Hello, I mostly use Stata 13 for my regression analysis. I want to conduct a logistic regression on a proportion/number of success. Because I receive errors in Stata I did not expect nor understand (if there are Stata experts who want to know more about the problems I face and can potentially...
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    A basic question about logistic regression

    Hello! I have this question, it's about log regression and I'm sure it's a newbie question, but here I am, trying to get better at this :) Summary: I did a logistic regression on Stata (log reg 1 file attached). I'm looking for an association between diarrhea incidence (depdendent variable)...