logistic regression

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    What test should I use?

    Hi, I am trying to do a statistical analysis on some data I collected at Uni and I am really confused about which test to use. I applied a range of shear stresses (60s, 140s, 250s, 500s, 1000s, 2000s, 3000s and 4000s) to some cells and then I recorded whether a cell marker was present or not...
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    Interpreting Odds Ratio after Weight of evidence transformation

    I am doing a logistic modeling with several continuous variables and binary outcome variable. 1- event 0-non event. I did the initial modeling with the variables and then did the Weight of evidence(WOE) transformation for all variables except for 1 variable using ratio of Account good/Account...
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    [Logistic Analysis] How does SPSS calculate the 0.5 Cut-Point?

    I am interested in determining the classification accuracy of an outcome (binary DV - whether a participant has capacity or not to make a legal decision) based on a continuous variable (score on a cognitive test, i.e., Mini-Mental Status Examination (scores 0-30)). Logistic regression in SPSS...
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    Logistic regression in SPSS

    I have designed a question and now intend to use SPSS to run regression to analyse the results: My dependent variable is: intention to vote. Yes or No. My independent variables are: a series of question ranked on a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree. I want to test whether the...
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    Gravity model

    Hi I am currently writing an assignment regarding a trade model using a gravity equation. The dependent variable in the model is Ln(X) and the non-dependent is both Ln (GDP, distance and so on) AND binary variables. So the question is: can I use SPSS for this kind of modelling or would...
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    Linear regression vs logistic regression

    I have a time series dataset. The, X (Independent variable) is time and is denoted as 1,2,3,4,5,6..1000.etc Y (Dependent variable ) is a percentage scale as 99%, 98.7%, 96%, 91% ...etc. This is a continuous data set. I have 1000 such data points. The first 700 data points used as training set...
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    Choosing the Correct Analysis - Comparing Categorical Independent Variables (STATA)

    So I want to compare the rates of infection in patients who received drugs A, B, C, and D. Patients could have received one, two, three, or all four drugs, and they could have been given each at different days during their stay. Infection could have happened before the drug was administered, or...
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    Adjusting for clustered observations

    Hello, I have collected mortality data and several covariates (data on treatment and vital parameters) from patients in two different hospitals. My goal is to analyse effects of treatments on mortality while adjusting for covariates, and using logistic regression would be my first choice to...
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    Variable selection in Logistic Regression

    Hello all, I have a query regarding attrition analysis using logistic regression. Say that I calculate the length of stay of an employee in an organization (say 'Tenure') and divide tenure in to 10 buckets . Every employee falls in to any one of these buckets(1 to 10). Say percentage attrition...
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    Best way to treat integer/float column with null values in logistic regression

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can assist me with this issue. I am building a logistic regression model to predict purchase or not purchase based on web site behaviour data. One of the factors that I would like to include in the model is the visits to purchase and the days to purchase...
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    Can AIC values be combined?

    Hello! I have hunted far and wide on the net in an attempt to answer this. Essentially, I'm trying to combine two AIC scores from different parts of a single data set. I have two models (of the same type: nonlinear least squares fitting a growth curve to population data) that each predict...
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    Logistic Regression predicted probability is either 1 or 0 (or literally 2.2204E-16)

    I am doing a test logistic regression to predict whether employees will stay in the company for more than 3 years. After the model is trained, the predictions done using the model gives only the probabilities of "1" and "2.2204E-16 (essentially 0)". I thought normally the probabilities will...
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    Logistic fixed effects cluster-specific interpretation with cross-sectional data

    I'm unsure how to interpret the output of a fixed effects (in the econometric sense) logistic regression model using cross-sectional data. I'm struggling with the 'cluster-specific' interpretation these models have. I sort of understand how this works with panel data, but I'm not sure whether...
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    Identifying numeric algorithm for data analysis

    I want to Study and analyzing of algorithms and make predictions on key data for different sports. There are 3 #'s. 1. the screens predicted number 2. our predicted number 3. the outcome number Prediction works like, #2 predicts the right side of #1 with #3 at a rate of 57% or higher...
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    [Logistic Regression] - Is it possible to compare the outcomes?

    Dear all, First time poster here. I'm currently working on my thesis and i'm stuck with a complex matter which i hope you guys can help me with. I got data with a few categorical variable and i'm searching for a method to compare the outcomes of a logistic regression. The situation is as...
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    presenting the results of logistic regression with dichotomous IVs

    I have a question about how to present the results of a series of 6 logistic regressions in which I have the same 2 dichotomous/binary IVs. The problem I have is that I am not sure how to organize the results. I would like to see some examples of how others have organized similar analyses. I...
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    NFL Week 6 regression predictions

    http://trevorbischoff.com/nfl-2015-week-6-predictions/ Atlanta 54% NY Jets 79% Pittsburgh 52% Minnesota 73% Buffalo 55% Detroit 84% Denver 75% Houston 55% Miami 52% Seattle 59% Green Bay 80% Baltimore 51% New England 59% Philadelphia 76%
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    Logistic Regression of NFL Data

    Week 5 picks from a logistic regression model for the NFL: http://trevorbischoff.com/nfl-2015-week-5-predictions/
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    Response rate calculation from logistic regression using SAS

    Hi All, I am working on logistic regression. I have a binary response variable (PASI response:yes,no) and three categorical covariates- treatment (treatment A, treatment B), body weight (below 60kg, above or equal to 60kg) and therapy taken (yes, no). I need to calculate the following...
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    Data Driven Logistic Regression

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a real life usage of logistic regression that I like to monitor as data feeds into it. Plus he is comparing it to other models. http://trevorbischoff.com/nfl-2015-week-3-predictions/ My students love talking about this and really helps create a great...