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    Logistic Regression interpretation

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    interpreting logistic regressions... odds ratios v probabilities

    Hi everyone! I am doing some analysis looking at various negative outcomes for children (child labour, begging, etc.) and comparing them with a range of households characteristics (child headed, large households, elderly headed households etc) The results show some interesting findings. For...
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    Which test of association can I use?

    Which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a significant association between a continuous independent variable (age or BMI) and a dichotomous dependent variable (bleeding after surgery: yes/no)? Also, which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a...
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    Logistic regression in Stata with binomial dependent variable 3-level categorical predictor variable

    Hi, I'm doing a logistic regression analysis with a binomial outcome variable (Yes / No). My main predictor variable is categorical and has 3 levels. I'm also including categorical and continuous confounding variables as predictors. What is the best way to convert my outcome variable from...
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    Comparing categories of a independent variable in logistic regression

    Hello, I have a doubt about the ways of comparing categories in logistic regression. I have 200 subjects with a dependant variable (positive/negative) and I want to test them with an independent variable (IV) of 4 categories (age). I am going to use a logistic regression, but when I do that, I...
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    logistic student applied beloved stats

    Hi everyone, I get in touch with you to check my thinking procedure and my accuracy of stats knowledge which should be now quite low but I try my best even is not my mother language and my top quality topic I study logistics and I have so exam in stat for year 1 I guess after study I...
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    Predicting outcome with multiple groups

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working with 3 different groups (3 disease populations) and I would like to predict which of the three groups they fall into based on a measurement we did. I was thinking that it should be something like multinominal logistic regression but how can I then get a...
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    Help in analyse display

    Hi. I used R to preform "logistic mixed-mode", and now i struggling in how to present it in a table. Maybe someone has an example that i can count on? thanks
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    Hypothesis for logistic regression

    I get a group of data and would like to use the regression to analysis the relationship. The dependent variable Y is a kind of loss rate, so it is strictly belong to [0, 1], e.g. I have $100, and I will loss 5% at day 1, 3% on day 2, 4% day 3, ...then Y is (5%, 3%, 4%, ....); I also have some...
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    Simulation for logistic regression in R

    Dear All, I would like to simulate data for logistic regression and I need to have below variables x1=numeric (mean=25,std=5) x2=numeric (mean=50,std=10) x3=factor variables with 5 levels x4=factor variable with 3 levels x5=factor variable with 2 levels How can I do that? Thank you
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    Census data: Should I worry about sample size and pvalues?

    Hi all, I have a questions regarding statistical power and sample size. (1) Do I have to worry about sample size in a multiple logistic regression if I am using all the individuals in a population (census) and not a sample? Let’s say that I want to see how many tourists in a resort report a...
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    TTEST vs Logistic Regression

    I have seen some posts here with the same title but I believe my problem is different: I am unsure whether to conduct a 2 sample ttest or a logistic regression because I am unsure of which variable should be my outcome and which should be my predictor variable. The problem: There are 5...
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    Conceptual queries in modeling

    Hi all, I am from engineering background. I would require your help in certain conceptual questions in modeling. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Following are my few questions... (Pointers on these questions would help me , else you may direct me to any useful resources.) 1)If a...
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    Estimate a Logistic Regression Model

    Hi guys, I want to estimate a logistic regression model's equation based on observed data and get the coefficients to extrapolate further. I have two inputs (one interval and one ratio) and one output (between 0~1 probability). Interval Ratio Odds 5 0 0.00% 10 1 0.00% 15 2 0.00% 20 3...
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    Alternative for a multi-level analysis

    Hi all, For my criminology thesis I am analysing police interviews and would like to research the effect (the presence of) an attorney has on whether or not a suspect gives a statement. The statement will be a dichotomous variable (0 = remaining silent 1 = giving a statement). My data is nested...
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    Suitable Model

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone could help me, i'm looking for an idea or two :) I work in the financial sector and we are looking into ways of predicting the behaviour of customers following changes to rates on some of our products. The current process involves looking at previous rate...
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    Which statistical test to use to establish different behaviour between groups?

    Hi, I have got a dataset with a dichotomous groupid variable and many other independent categorical variables. My aim is to find out if subjects in first group behave differently than subjects in second group. So far I have done the cross tabulations between groupid and each categorical...
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    Formula for S shaped curve given specific values

    I need to derive a formula that will give me an S-shaped curve, such as this one: The x-values would go from 0 to 250 and the y-values from 0 to 50. After searching I found this to be a sigmoid function or logistic function, but to be honest, my level of knowledge isn't high enough to...
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    What type of curve is this?

    The left one is a logistic curve / sigmoid function e.g. y=1 / 1+exp(-bx) What would be the typical name for the curve on the right / typical functional form? :confused:
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    Logistic regression cutoff at 0.3

    Hi, I have built a logistic regression model with misclassification rate around 18%. When I look at the ROC curve(area under the curve is 0.76) and find out the accuracy at various cutoff points, the best accuracy is at 0.3 probability cutoff. Is 0.3 acceptable?Shouldn't the cutoff chosen be...