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    Different main effect in MANOVA and two-way MANOVA? Which one do I use?

    I did a MANOVA in SPSS and there is a significant main effect of the IV on only one of my two DVs. Then I did a two way ANOVA to include one more IV, but otherwise use the same variables I've used in the MANOVA (just entered one additional variable). However, suddenly the same IV that had a sig...
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    Zero inflated negative binomial regression interpreting main and interaction effects

    I am running a zero inflated negative binomial model (zinb) and want to interpret the main and interaction effects. I have the following: People decide whether to purchase a good during a given week and I have their final purchase quantity (Min qty = 0 units and Max qty = 10 units observed...
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    Main effect and interaction? Need help interpreting the graph.

    We performed a multiple linear regression with valence (negative, positive and neutral) as independent variable, social curiosity as controll variable and recognition performance as our dependent variable. No we got this graph (see attachments). Do we have a main effect and interaction...
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    Main effect vs. Interaction effect in ANOVA

    I think that a researcher is in general more likely to find a significant main effect than a significant interaction effect in ANOVA. Do you agree with me? Why?
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    Interaction terms with non-signficant main effects

    I am using a logit model to do the analysis on my dissertation data. 2 of the variables interact, so I have an interaction term. My question is 2 parts: 1. When I run the model without the interaction term, one of the main effects is not significant. Can I still include the interaction term...
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    MANOVA main effects and single effect contrasts

    Mixed design ANOVA main effects and single effect contrasts Hello, This is my first time posting, I hope you can help me. I employed a Mixed design ANOVA as part of a study: Between-group factor: participant group 2 (depressed, never depressed) Within-group factor: retrieval mode 2...
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    Interaction effect appearing as main effects

    Hi I've just read a paper which uses a 2x2 ANOVA on two between subjects independent variables. Effectively they have Factor A (Yes/No) and Factor B (Yes/No) with different participants in each group. They report that both factors show main effects and that there is also an interaction...
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    Help needed! Main effect and interaction question

    I have a MINITAB printout I was hoping someone could help me with. My question is- from the table below how do i distinguish between a main effect and an interaction? Q. Three drug treatments are compared at three sites. The treatments consist of two dosages (low and high dose) of an...