mann-whitney test

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    Which test should I use for two unequal groups ?

    Hi all! I have data that include 20 samples divided into 2 groups (category A and category B). The groups are independent, none of the value in one group repeat in other. N(A) =14, N(B) = 6. here is the data: category A category B 0.0119888167559 0.023185483871...
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    Mann Whitney U test and Spearman test using GraphPad prism 6 interpretation

    I have analyzed two biological sample (Soil 1 and Soil 2) by Mann-Whitney U test and Spearman test using GraphPad Prism 6 software. I got following result For Mann-Whitney test Table Analyzed One-way ANOVA data Column B Soil 2 vs. vs. Column A Soil 1 Mann Whitney test P value < 0.0001 Exact...
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    Test to compare difference between median value in two discrete samples

    Hi, I have two collection of ordinal samples for a discrete variable related to two administration of an experiment. Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov, I checked that I can't reject the Ho Hypothesis that the two distribution are the same. Now I would like to check if the median of these two collection...
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    Mann-Whitney Test with post-hoc adjustment

    I am comparing a number of architectural characteristics in two sets of muscles using Mann-Whitney U test (sample size is too small to justify the use of parametric tests). I want to do a post-hoc adjustment of the alpha (e.g. Bonferroni, Dunn-Sidak), but SPSS (v. 21) does not show any post-hoc...
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    Minimun sample for a Mann-Whitney U test

    Hello! :wave: What is the minimun sample per group for a Mann-Whitney U test? I appreciate if you give also a reference about it Thanks!
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    I'm Confused Between Independent T-Test, Mann-Whitney And Chi Square Test?

    hello everyone, i need your help regarding these statistical tests since i'm not really big on stats. i want to know if there are any significant difference between the two groups in my study. i'm confused which statistical treatment i will be using. here's a little background on my study. i...
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    Apparent contradiction in Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test results

    I have 2 data sets, each N=10, that I would like to compare. They fail Levene's test for homogeneity of variances, and for this reason, I can't use the t-test. I believe that the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon nonparametric test is my proper alternative. Here are the data: X1 = [90.4 96.0 94.8 90.4...
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    Mann Whitney U - P Value of 0.0000

    Good Afternoon all, I am using a Mann Whitney U to compare two populations the data ranges from (-2 to 2). I have already done this on 4 different variables however for one of them I have repeatedly got a p=value of 0.0000 (Using mini-tab). C2 461 2.0000 C1 503 1.0000 Point...
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    Mann-Whitney test

    Hi there, I am a total beginner with SPSS and I really need your advice, because I am carrying out my research. Is it possible to use Mann-Whitney test on a Likert scale when a question consists of 20 statements (a respondent has to choose how strongly he agrees or disagrees with every...
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    Predicting answers to yes/no questions based on stimulant use

    Hi I don't like signing up to forums just to ask questions, makes me feel like a bad person. Usually I just lurk about till I find an answer but it ain't worked this time. Oh well, I'll try to contribute in the future if I can. Anyway the title might sound exciting but it's really not. I...
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    Two-Sample, Nonparamteric test for "stochastic equality" with discrete numerical data

    COMPLETE Hello, I would like to present a statistical analysis I performed on discrete numerical data. I am fairly new to statistics and would really appreciate another person’s input on the statistical methods employed and how to correctly interpret the results. I have supplied relevant...
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    Parametric vs. non-parametric test.

    Dear all, group 1: treatment A group 2: treatment B thickness of the skin was compared between group 1 (n=20) and group 2 (n=20) I have used a non-parametric Mann-Whitney test resulting in a highly significant difference. Now, the reviewer of my paper has rejected the submission...