marginal effects

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    Average marginal effects in logit model

    Hi I have performed two logistic regression models (full model and stepwise reduced model). I have 8 predictors and 5 predictors, respectively. Both continouos and categorical predictors and binary outcome. Now I want to calculate average marginal effects, but will it only make sense to do it...
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    Marginal effects for poisson count data model ERROR

    Hi, just as it is stated in the title, I have a problem with creating a graph of factors influencing the number of trips abroad. Can anyone help me? I would be very grateful. This is the script I use: # MARGINAL EFFECTS FOR POISSON COUNT DATA MODEL: relative_avg <- mean(relative) work_avg...
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    Marginal effects after logistic

    I have all binary/categorical variables, and I am trying to decide between mfx/margins to obtain marginal effects in Stata. They seem to provide different results, but I'm unclear as to the best one to choose and why. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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    R mlogit: How do I interpret marginal effects using absolute or relative type?

    Hi R users, I use effects() to compute the marginal effects of a mlogit model in R. effects(object, covariate = NULL, type = c("aa", "ar", "rr", "ra"), data = NULL,...) Which type ("rr", "aa", "ar", "ra") in effects() should I use when estimating the marginal effects? How do I...
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    Probit regression - Interpretation of marginal effects of IVs in log/percentage form

    Dear talkstats-community, I already spent hours on websearch for an answer on a question I have regarding the interpretation of marginal effects (at means) of probit regressions. How can I explicitly interpret a marginal effect of a variable that enters in 1) logarithmized form (eg...
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    Insignificant marginal effects of a significant interaction term?

    Is it possible that a highly significant interaction term, does not have significant marginal effects at various levels of the primary explanatory variable? Regards David
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    R mlogit marginal effects with alternative-invariant variables only

    Hi everyone, can someone explain how to calculate the marginal effects of a multinomial logit model with alternative-invariant variables (e.g. income) only. A similar question was asked here but not answered sufficiently. The calculation works only, if I also include alternative-variant...
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    Ploting marginal effect of a continuous variable interacting with a spline.

    Dear Talk Stats users, Before going to the core of my problem, let me sum up what I've been doing and Why. I am interested in the potential long term effect of bad economic conditions when young graduates enter the labor market on the selection into public sector in France. Thereby, I built...
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    Plotting Marginal Effects of an Interaction term in STATA 11.0

    Hi guys, I have an interaction term between two variables = xz = x*z and have run the regression xtreg y x z xz i.year y is also a continuous variable 1.4-23.4 x ranges from 0-142 and z ranges from 0-21.8 (not sure if these ranges help) when running the regression my coefficient...
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    Marginal effect Tobit in Stata

    Hi everyone, How can I calculate with the margins command the marginal effect of a variable for a Tobit model in Stata using for all variables their mean value ? So, in other words, how can I calculate the marginal effect at the mean of all variables? Any help is much appreciated...
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    Made a categorical variale with 4 categories out of one with 55, now different result

    Hi! I'm busy working on my research, but I ran into a problem. I'm using a logstic regression to estimate the influence of certain independent variables on my (dummy) dependent variable. Then I want to interpret the results with marginal effects. The problem is one of the...
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    calculate marginal effects using mlogit package

    Hi R-users I try to calculate marginal effects of a multinomial logistic regression. To do this i use mlogit package and effects() function. Here is how the procedure works (source : effects() function of mlogit package) : data("Fishing", package = "mlogit") Fish <-...
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    test difference in marginal effects for a dummy variable, different computations

    Dear Talk Stats readers, I have a Stata problem. I would like to test whether the difference between the marginal effects of a dummy varaible, obtained first by computing the difference and then by taking the derivative, is statistically significant. I want to implement this test in order...
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    Difference between margeff and margins, dydx(*)?

    Hello, I am trying to compute the marginal effects of an xtlogit model. I tried several methods. First of all, in order to compute the marginal effects at the mean, I used - mfx compute - margins, dydx(*) at mean which both give me -0.33 Secondly, in order to compute the average...