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    Recommended books/resources for Campaign analytics

    Hi all! Could anybody please recommend any books, or other resources, from which I can learn Campaign analytics? I have gotten some hold of the basics of Campaign analyses (such as the importance of control groups, and KPIs like ATF, ATV), but I would like to learn more. Links to any...
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    Sample Size in AB Testing

    Hi All, I'm a marketer trying to understand the math behind A/B testing. I understand how to calculate sample size before a test is run. I've just come across a tool that estimates how many more samples are required to reach significance for a test that's underway. Visitors Goals...
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    Is nessasary to perform Factor Analysis for Marketing Research?

    Hello, I'm a student which conducting a marketing research. Topic of research related to determinant of E-Service Quality of a company. Questionnaire construct based on ESERVQUAL. So, is nessasary to run Factor Analysis? Or just replace with Mean and SD.