matching data

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    Finding a patch in a series.

    Hello! I wonder if anybody can help me. I am working on a personal project and I want to find the best match for a patch in a larger series. I thought cross correlation would be a simple way to go about this. But the problem is better shown below. Imagine my time series is: 1 2 3 4...
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    Question about population matching procedure

    Good evening everyone, I am currently conducting a clinical trial where I am taking an intervention population (which is referred to a new service) and comparing hospital readmission rates to historical controls. Because the intervention group will be more likely to meet the primary outcome...
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    two groups match or differ on basic demographic variables- how to check?

    Hi, My study: - 2 groups- 1. Not allowed to work; 2. Allowed to work (control) - compare the groups on various aspects like quality of life, depression, anxiety, etc on standardized quantitative questionnaires - compare if coping ability (2 standardized quantitative scales) predict scores on...