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    Help Determing What Distribution

    I believe I have answered a), as L~Gamma(N,1/20), therefore mgf = (20/(20-t))^N (if wrong please feel free to correct me). It has been defined that L=-ln(U), and I am finding difficulty in determing what distribution U would be classified as. Once classfieid, I believe that finding the mean...
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    how can I calculate the percentage

    Hello, I have been trying to search how to calculate the best percentage of wastage that its acceptable, and still get high Sale values by using the old data to calculate I have attached file. example of the answer. at 25% of wastage QTY is acceptable.
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    If I am given a random vector X with mean [0 1 -1 2]' and a covariance matrix C= [.1 -.3 .5 .1 ; -.3 1 .1 .2; .5 .1 2 .3 ; .1 .2 .3 .2] how do I find the MMSEE of x1 given x2 = 0 x3 = 0 x4 = 0
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    Qualifying statistical power when confidence intervals are the same?

    I derive two different statistics for characterizing the dispersion in a random variable. One, call it E, is an average of ranges. The other, call it R, is an unbiased estimator of the random variable's parameter. But E is far more popular than R because it's easier to calculate and observe...