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    question indirect least squares, turning matrices into a system of equations

    Hi everyone, I am studying indirect least squares method and cannot figure out how to create a system of equations from my matrices. Help is much appreciated. The problem is in the picture attachment. Thanks
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    Analysis for behavior change over sample treatments

    Hello all! My research examined if social behaviors in animals changed with the distribution of food treatment (clumped vs. dispersed food). My data is non-parametric. I have matrices of interaction rates between individuals. I ran Mantel tests between the interaction matrices of the...
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    Variation of Mantel test?

    Hello. I am new to this forum but it looks like it will be a great reference! For my thesis I used Mantel tests to compare non-parametric behavioral data against genetic relatedness data. So, I had behavior rates in a square matrix and compared them against genetic relatedness values in a...
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    Matrix representation

    A very new European “Rapid Reaction Force for Fire” has been created today and begins operation between three Countries “A”, “B” and “C”. It’s main resource is a super aircraft “Funderbird2” with a massive water cannon that even carries a small mini-submarine for fighting fires at sea...
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    Multiple Linear Regression Proof

    Hi everyone, I am enrolled in a regression analysis course at university and the prof really loves to ask for proofs on his assignments. Unfortunately, he never does any in class, and no one at the help centres on campus can ever figure out his problems either. Here is the one I am...
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    Unbiased estimate of cross-product for unbiased vector

    Let g be an unbiased estimate of a vector G. Can g be used to find an unbiased estimate of the cross product GG′ (where G' is the transpose of G)? I'm stuck because naively using gg′ is a biased estimator, with the (upwards) bias depending on the noise in g.
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    Help! I'm so lost with this one!

    I've tried to see if I can find examples of this question to help me, but I can't please help. The top four teams in the Big West Hockey Leagues have just completed the first half of their season. Each team has played 20 games. The teams statistics are listed in the following table. Each team...
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    Entering values into a matrix from a loop command

    I have created a loop to generate a counter variable values that will then be entered into an OUTPUT matrix. Everything except for 1 line seems to be working. The line is here: matrix OUTPUT[`i', `j']=counter *STATA writes: counter not found. But then I write: display...
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    markov chain help.

    Hi, just looking for clarification on something in plain English. If I have a probability transition matrix for states 1,2,3,4 given by: [0.7 0 0.3 0 ] [0.4 0.2 0.4 0 ] [0.3 0 0.7 0 ] [0.4 0 0.4 0.2] If I'm asked to identify the recurrent and transient classes do I...
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    How to use a Distance Matrix as an Independent Variable?

    Hello, Let's say I have 100 locations. I know the distance between each location (i.e. distance matrix). How can I use the distance matrix (or some derivative) as an independent variable to access significance (if any) with the dependent/response variable(s)? Any ideas? Thanks,