1. zstatman

    Perceptual Map using binary outcomes

    I have 10 classes of drugs and within each there are a series of characteristics, e.g., color, aroma, strength and then for each the respondent notes if wanted or not, a binary response and need to display a response map by drug thus 10 maps. The data received looks like this for each drug (Yup...
  2. S

    PRIMER- MDS-shows identical biological community samples equally different, WHY?

    Hi, I have a large data set of marine intertidal organism abundance (measured as percent cover. I also have environmental data of substrate type, and beach exposure to wind/waves. The research question is “Do unconsolidated beaches (eg. sand or gravel, not bedrock) have different communities...
  3. M

    MDS configuration Stress-1 acceptable value

    Hi I'm trying to do the MDS config. for ACS scale (20 items). I used ordinal model (Proxscal-spss) with primary approach (untied tied observations). First analysis yielded 3 dimensions as expected. 3 dimensions: Normalized raw-stress = 0,012 Stress-I = 0,11 Stress-II = 0,31 I'm not...
  4. C

    MDS/Euclidian distance - How to plot both the cases and the variables in one graph

    SOLVED MDS/Euclidian distance-How to plot both the cases and the variables in 1 graph Hi, I am using Multidimensional Scaling alscal in SPSS to create a perceptual map with 9 cases, based on 17 attributes. I have figured out how to get a perceptual map based on de Euclidian Distances between...
  5. C

    How to create a matrix for Multidimensional Scaling

    Hi, I have the answers from a few respondents with comparisons between organisations. In spss he respondents are in the rows and the variables (columns) are called: Rotary - Unicef, Rotary - Amnesty, Unicef - Amnesty etc. I now want to create a matrix with the responses in it (of one...
  6. C

    Multidimensional Scaling - Can I split the comparisons between respondents?

    Good evening, For my master thesis I am conducting research in which I want to make decompositional comparisons for Multidimensional Scaling with the following objects: o Rotary o Lions o Unicef o Oxfam o Amnesty International o Salvation Army o Rode Kruis o Food bank o War Child...
  7. T

    Primer - using BEST and Pearson's correlation for MDS.

    I am using primer to display community data using MDS. I have the manual and "change in marine communities" that I have been using to guide my analysis. I ran the MDS, then BEST, and then displayed the environmental vectors with Pearson. I need to know the finer details of how BEST and...
  8. K

    Use actual-to-expected ratios as similarities for MDS?

    Hi! I'm making 2D and 3D charts for presentation to illustrate how various television networks share audience. To do this, I have source data on what networks are watched by some 80,000 people, and I'm tackling it with some multidimensional scaling routines. The MDS routine requires a...
  9. B

    Multidimensional scaling with threshold values

    Hi, I have a matrix of L2 (euclidean) distances and would like to perform multidimensional scaling in order to retrieve the positions of the points which generated this set of distances. I say "retrieve" because I know that these distances were actually generated by real points (plus some...
  10. E

    Proc MDS --- Cond Option

    Hello, i dont understand the use of cond option, and the difference between cond=Matrix cond=Un cond=row when i m supposed to youse them? can you please help me? thank you? :)