mean square error

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    Mean-square error question with lengthy calculus.

    I got the alpha in 9a which is 2 and 9b mse is infinity. Then I cannot continue.
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    Is that the correct procedure to showing unbiasedness.

    I want to modify the following program to show unbiasedness using r x <- c(10,12,14,13,10,11,9,15,8,14) mu=mean(x) T=0 #the statistic for(i in 1:210){ r = sample(x,size=4,replace=F) T[i]=mean(r) } MSE <- (1/209)*sum(T-mu)^2 #mean square error MSE
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    Analysis of respiration

    I am trying to analyze egg respiration data. I have 7 eggs that were measured over a 10 day period. I have data from 45 minute runs, that I have taken 5 minute averages of giving me 9 data points per day per egg. I need to analyze the change in gas over the course of the run. Then I need to 1)...
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    Mean Squared Error

    i've been attempting a question on mean square error and find it impossible to do so I was looking for some help. It's quite a long question here it is: Suppose a tv company wishes to estimate proportion of homes with at least 2 televisions. Suppose in fact unbeknown to the tv company the...