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    Appropriate statistic for ratio of measurements?

    I am designing a study where I measure the electrical conductivity of tissue in two directions. My (pseudo) hypothesis is that, regardless of the magnitude of the measured and predicted conductivities, the anisotropy ratio should be the same for model and measurement. Each measurement and...
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    Compute score from variance or correlation coefficient?

    Greetings, I’m seeking inspiration in creating a scoring (figure of merit) function that can evaluate how close a set of parallel measurements are to a set of truth values. The truth values aren’t a statistical mean per say, but rather target values being sought. A set of measurements...
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    Reverse Scoring

    Hi, I am a research student. I have a quesrion about reverse scoring. I would like to know if it is a requirement to reverse score an items in the measurement. My measurement consists of those items but when I tested out the reverse scoring, the scores were higher as a result of the reverse...