mechanical engineering

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    Statistically Significant Data for Test Engineer

    A common engineering experiment is to test something until failure to determine its ultimate break strength. Sample sizes can range from 5 to 100 pieces. I would like to know what statistical tests are used to make sure the data is good. Statistical tests that I am aware of are used to...
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    Mechanical Engineering Sample Test Size

    You need to conduct an engineering 3-Point Bending. How many samples should you test? I was recently asked this in an interview but was not sure how to answer. I tried saying that it would depend on time, the readiness of the samples, and the cost of the tests but the interviewer said to...
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    Mechanical Engineer, four cavity mold, how many parts to test?

    My friend is a mechanical engineer at a company in CT. I was pretty good at stats back in my day so he asked me to solve this for him. This is a REAL question he is facing for his company/customers. There are 200(+- a few) parts in a bin. The parts were made from a four cavity mold. There...