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    find central tendency

    The following table presents frequency distribution of teachers of 1 year: Rank Frequency Professor 32511 Assoc Professor 28570 Asst Professor 59277 Instructor 14289 Others 3276 1)find mean, median and mode. 2)which is...
  2. M

    Wilcox test with median 0

    Hello, I am trying to run an analysis on differences in female and male aggressive behaviours in an animal species. My data is non-normally distributed and it's both numeric and categorical, so I assumed the Wilcox test will be sufficient. However, all medians come back as 0 and my box and...
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    Which one to choose? Mean or Median

    I have the past two months vehicle arrival time data for a particular vehicle. To find the consistency of arrival time which one should I go for? Mean or Median? Thanks Prashanth.
  4. L

    Merits and Demerits

    What is the merits and demerits of mean median and mode? I have already found a link discussing the topic I want to that is helpful or not.
  5. B

    How to find a median of medians? No raw data

  6. S

    Mean or median for central tendency

    Classify each of the narratives below based on whether the mean or median provides a better description of the center of its distribution: 1. Age of professional basketball players 2. Household income in the united states 3. Height of professional basketball players 4. Hours at work in the...
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    significance test begin of puberty

    Hello, I am running a metaanalysis about the age of girls and boys at the beginning of puberty (Tanner-stages) and it would be great if someone could help me out with two questions about significance tests for mean/median value differences. question 1: In SPSS I have the data of the...
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    Mann Whitney U: can mean ranks be used along with medians in similarly shaped distrib

    Dear TalkStatsers, I would be deeply grateful if you could help me with a simple question I have!!! From what I have read about Mann Whitney U, it is crucial for the reporting of the results to know whether your two distributions (i.e., the distribution of scores for both groups of the...
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    Non-Parametric Analyses. Report medians and 95% CI in graphs?

    Okay so, I'm currently writing my thesis, and I have to do non-parametric tests. I know that I have to report the medians in text. However, I'm doing graphs. Just wanted to ask whether anyone knows if I report the 95% CI and the medians in the graphs? When i do this it looks super weird and...
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    Using Median and Standard Deviation in syntax

    Hi, I'm quite new to SPSS and am looking to code my data records by whether or not they are within 1 standard deviation of the median for that variable. So far I have been doing this for each variable: DO IF (HumanIL21Normalised GE -1.6336 AND HumanIL21Normalised LE 0.3664). COMPUTE...
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    Testing if Rank Data varies significantly from 0

    Hi, I've done a survey with an 11 point Likert scale (-5 to +5, with 0).There are 30 questions total in the survey, with ~800 responses. I have graphed the median response for each survey question, but I am looking for a way to test which questions are 'significantly' different from 0 (a...
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    egen median(varlist)

    I am trying to generate a variable of the median of 5 ordinal rank variable. 1 =disagree to 5=agree. I try to use egen varsmedian= median(var1 var2 var3 var4 var5) but it didnt work. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance MArvin
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    Logisti regression, mean or median of independent variable.

    Greetings great minded statisticians! I have an issue categorizing my continuous variable. I have put a continuous variable with a negative skew, into three categories. I am using logistic regression and I want to see if my three variables of omega-3 fatty acids will reduce the risk of being...
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    Please help!!

    Hello , I started a Statistics class a few weeks ago and i'm still pretty lost. Could someone explain to me how I should resolve this following problem ? Please. On the math SAT taken in 1994, the average score for men was 500 and the average score for women was 460. The histograms for...
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    Mean and Median for testing data distribution

    Hi, I noticed that in the following articles data distribution is tested via checking for >10% difference in mean and median. However, when I follow the...
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    How to analyze statistical difference between averages of mode, mean and median?

    Attached is the graph with my data: I have 4 distributions of particles of different sizes. For each one of them, a particle size frequency distribution has been measured three times. Median, mean and mode were calculated for each frequency distribution and averaged for each of the four...
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    Data smoothing

    smoothing compararison
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    Test median again hypothesized median value_ one sample Wilcoxon signed ranks test

    I have a question regarding testing a median against a hypothesized value. On a five-point Likert-style scale (1=regressed; 5 = met goal ), student participants were asked to rate the extent to which a target (fictional person) met daily protein intake goals from as compared to a previous...
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    Analyzing a sample list of numbers (median, quartiles, box plot)

    If you have a sample of 36 numbers (and some of these numbers are repeated more than once), how do you find the median, upper quartile, and lower quartile of the sample? Also when drawing a box plot, do you disregard when a number is shown more than once and just put it down once in the plot...