mediation spss help

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    drawing up a mediation model with 2 predictors and 1 mediator

    Hello all, I was hoping someone could help my understand where a certain value comes from in my data output (using SPSS). I have performed a hierarchical multiple linear regression and the used PROCESS to find that my model has 2 predictor variables which both go through the 1 mediator variable...
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    Regression Analysis-Moderation or Mediated Analysis

    Please excuse my lack of understanding of Regression Analysis, but would it be more appropriate to run a moderated or mediated regression analysis for the following question: "Researchers theorized that metacognition for perception may underlie the relationship between source monitoring...
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    Mediation in SPSS

    I'm currently looking for mediation between 3 IVs, 1 Mediator and 1 DV using the steps outlined by Baron & Kenny (please do not tell me how antiquated this method is). Let's call the variables associated with the IVs in this first model 'A', the Mediator 'B' and the DV 'C'. In the last step when...