method comparison

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    Measuring agreement between categorical and continuous variables

    Hi all, First post here. I'm currently measuring agreement between continuous and categorical variables that are also in different units of mesurement (and non normally distributed). I have physical activity measures from a questionnaire (low, moderate and high activity levels) and 9 measures...
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    Equality of Variance for Paired Data- alternative for Leven's Test?

    Hello, I have set up an experiment that tests 3 instruments on 35 different people. Each person gets tested three times with each instrument (see below). Now i understand this is paired data, i was just wondering whether there is a statistical test to check for equality of variance. From...
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    combining results obtained from 3 different methods

    Hello, I have received data tables where 3 methods have been used on 54 different variables. Method 1 (M1): multivariate model of logistic regression, to see if the 54 variables influence the outcome (only 24 do) Method 2 (M2): a sampling approach Method 3 (M3): a circular permutation...