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    What does min in curly brackets mean?

    I'm looking a t a expression which says g=min{f,1} where g and f are functions - what does this mean?
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    Ranges of Linear Regression data

    I have a linear regression of a symptom (fatigue) vs iodine that does not show much correlation but the fatigue max symptom at different intervals of iodine level grows smaller at higher doses of iodine. Example data: x iodine level y fatigue symptom on scale of 0 to 1, 1 being high and 0...
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    Need help to correct minimum and maximum error Please

    I am using scales to test my constructs for example product category involvement and the scale is made up of 11 items ( measure using 5 point likert scale1=totally agree, 5 totally disagree) and I want to compute them into a new variable by adding all of the scores from each of the 11 items...
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    Need help with this tricky average problem

    The senior citizen rowing club team is made out of 10 members. In order to compete they need to have an average age of more than 55 years; the problem is that members do not want to reveal their age, neither to know the age of the others, nor the minimum or the maximum. They find a way to do it...